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Uses and Benefits of Surgical Wound Protectors

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Surgical Wound Protectors are suitable for endoscopic surgery and small incision surgery, mainly used to extend the incision field, while protecting the incision from damage in 360° and protecting the patient to reduce incision infection. Single-use, safe and hygienic. Compared with metal retractors, there is no need to re-sterilize after surgery. Compared with traditional gauze pads, the stable channel facilitates surgical operations and solves the problem of blood-stained gauze pads that confuse the field of view.

surgical Wound Protectors

The surgical Wound Protectors are available in a variety of models in different materials and sizes for various surgical incisions, and are made of antibacterial polyurethane and silicone rubber, which are biocompatible, less traumatic, reduce the length of the secondary incision, provide uniform curvilinear tension to the wound, less damage, and no pressure bruising. Fast postoperative recovery, minimal postoperative wound scarring, no redness or swelling, no pigmentation. The product is easy to operate, easy to fix stable and non-destructive in surgery to support the establishment of the surgical surface, to facilitate the operation of more instruments, while avoiding the friction of instruments in and out of the incision, to prevent the occurrence of incisional infection in class II and III, and to reduce the damage to the cutting edge caused by electrosurgical high-frequency current surgical instruments. It is suitable for operating room, cardiothoracic surgery, general surgery, obstetrics and gynecology.

surgical Wound Protectors Manufacturer

Advantages of surgical Wound Protectors.

1.360°Protect the incision

①Prevention of incisional infection in class II and III incisions.

②Prevention of incisional implantation and metastasis of tumors.

③preventing incisional contamination.

④Keeping the incision moist.

⑤ Prevent incisional tissue from being burned due to misuse (insulation can protect the incision from damage by electric hook and electric knife).

2. 360° non-invasive hold open the incision

①Maximum wound retraction and expansion of surgical field of view.

②Uniform tension on the incision, reducing tissue damage and no pressure bruising.

③Effectively prevent the incision from bleeding.

④Avoid post-operative wound pain and bruising caused by compression of metal pulling hook.

03. Simple operation during surgery

①The possibility of performing single-hole lumpectomy.

②It is possible to put in instruments with greater curvature.

③The organs can be pulled out of the body for operation.

④The puncture device can be replaced in thoracoscopic surgery to reduce incisional extrusion.

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